‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ star James Gunn finally reveals how Groot and Rocket met

James Gunn at the premiere of The Flash, June 2023

guardian of the galaxy Director James Gunn has finally revealed how Groot met Rocket. This is the end of the MCU series Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 But the origins of how some of the crew members met have remained a mystery. Gunn, now co-CEO and co-chairman of DC Studios, answered questions about the trilogy … Read more

Dispatch reveals famous actress and TV host was one of dozens deceived in pyramid scheme


Expedited shipping Revealed actresses, talents and entrepreneurs Hyun Young He was one of dozens of victims of a pyramid scheme scam. Dispatch’s latest exclusive report details how “B,” the operator of the famous Mama Cafe (an online forum for mothers), scammed millions of its members. “B” lied to the members, claiming that investing a certain … Read more