Reunited in another life: Actors who worked together in the past in the Korean drama “Let’s meet in the 19th life”

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Did you know that so many actors have worked together before?

TVNkorean drama of See you in my 19th lifewhich was adapted from webtoon of the same name, focuses on Shin Hye Sun‘s character, Pan Ji-won, can remember his previous life.

Pan Zium can be reborn infinitely. But when her eighteenth life is cut short, she dedicates her next life to finding her now-adult childhood love.


“See you in the 19th life” poster.

While the story revolves around reincarnation and past lives, many of the actors are reunited in their new lives in their guises. See you in my 19th life characters, as they had previously worked together on other projects. Check out below.

1. Jung Hyun Joong, Lee Bo Young

of See you in my 19th lifeJung Hyun-joon will play the child version of Moon So-ha, and Lee Bo-young will play his mother, Lee Sang-ah.

Jung Hyun Joon
Lee Bo Young

The two previously worked together as adoptive mother and son in a tvN thriller program. my.

| tvN

2. Moon Dong Hyuk and Lee Chae Min

Moon Dong-hyuk played Jim’s younger brother Bang Dong-yoo. See you in my 19th lifeLee Chae-min plays the mysterious Kang Min-ki.

Lee Chae Min | tvN
Moon Dong Hyuk | tvN

of love all plasticPlayed by Moon Dong Hyuk and Lee Chae Min Younis badminton Their teammates are Ko Dong Wan and Lee Ji Ho respectively.

“Love All Play” poster.

3. Shin Hye Sun and Cha Cheong Hwa

Cha Cheong-hwa plays a grown-up version of Kim Ae-kyung, Jim’s 17-year-old niece.

Shin Hye Sun (left) and Cha Cheong Hwa (right) | tvN

of Mr. QueenCha Cheong-hwa played Lady Choi, who takes care of the queen played by Shin Hye-sun.

4. Ha Yoon Kyung, Cha Cheong Hwa, Ki So Yoo, Go Do Young

of See you in my 19th lifeHa Yoon-kyung will play Yoon Cho-won, the younger sister of Yoon Joo-won, who Jin played when he was 18. Ki So Yoo played Cho Won in her childhood. She and Kim Ae-kyung are two of the few people Jim confides in, revealing that he remembers them from his previous life.

From left: Ha Yoon Kyung, Shin Hye Sun, Cha Cheong Hwa | tvN
Ko Do-young as young Kim Ae-kyung | tvN

they don’t have that many connections hospital playlist Ha Yoon Kyung Yulje Medical Center Doctor Heo Sung Bin and Cha Cheong Hwa were Yeon Woo’s mothers in Episode 1. Interestingly, childhood versions of both actresses appeared in the first episode. See you in my 19th life Appeared in hospital playlist that too. Ko Do-young who played Kim Ae-kyung in childhood. See you in my 19th lifeappeared in the 12th episode of Season 1 as Ji-hyun, and Kisoyu played the role of Sun-chae in the 12th episode.

Ha Yoon Kyung
Cha Cheong Hwa

In addition, Go Do-young played the role of Choi Bo-ra. hometown cha cha cha Co-starred with Cha Cheong-hwa, who played Cho Nam-seok, the restaurant owner.

| tvN

5. Lee Chae Min and Bae Hye Sun

The two seem unrelated, but See you in my 19th life. Bae Hye-sun plays the ‘evil stepmother Jung Young-ok’ for Seo-ha, and Choi Min is the person Ji-mu met in another life and met again.

Bae Hye Sun | tvN

of Romance crash courseBae Hye Sun Mr. Nam Hen-sung (Jung Do Yeon) Sister and Nam Hae(No Yoon Seo) Mother, Nam Haeng Ja. Lee Chae Min played Nam Hye Ae’s best friend and lover. Lee Sungjae.

No Yoon Seo (left) and Bae Hye Sun (right) | tvN
| tvN

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