I have a new puppy and this is an Amazon pet must-have I can’t live without (all on Prime Day sale!)

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For many years, I never considered myself a dog person. Then, slowly but surely, as I met more dogs and learned about different breeds, I developed an irresistible urge to have a canine companion.


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  • EveryYay Essentials 1 Door Collapsible Dog Crate, 30.5″ L, 19.2″ W, 21.5″ H.

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After a lot of research and planning, we finally welcomed our new puppy home last month. As most dog owners probably know, puppies are cute and friendly, but they can also be very demanding. And they require a lot of attention, supervision and stimulation.

So it’s safe to say that I’ve probably spent more time on my puppy in the last two months than I’ve spent on myself in the last six months. Of course, it’s well worth it, but I feel it’s my duty to share what I’ve learned as a first-time puppy owner with anyone considering adding a dog to their family.

Since it’s Prime Day today and everyone’s always looking to save money, we’re sharing the puppy essentials you need to make the last five weeks with your new puppy more manageable. Lucky for you, these are all on Prime Day sale, so expect a new puppy and add it to your cart.




I don’t know if this safety gate is technically for dogs, but it’s been very effective at keeping puppies from wandering into rooms I’m not looking at (or where accidents could happen) . In fact, I bought him two, and I honestly don’t think he could have lived without them for the last few weeks. It’s super easy to install (no need to drill holes in the wall!), easy to open and close, and doesn’t look too ugly.

$31 at Amazon


To be honest, I got a little too eager to buy toys to stimulate my puppy. But this Milk & Cookies interactive dog toy is still one of his favorites after five weeks. Even better, he can’t bite off any parts, and the squeak is terribly annoying.

$10 at Amazon


My puppy loved the first Sedioso dog stuffed animal I bought for him so much that I bought it again and bought two more. I keep them in a crate and they are a great chew toy to calm him down when he is relaxing or getting ready for a nap.

$12 at Amazon


Full disclosure: My puppy chewed on some of the seams on this Carrot Interactive Dog Toy. That said, he loved playing with it before tearing it down. He had to re-stitch a few times, but it’s worth it because he’s so happy with it.

$21 at Amazon


Miraculously, my puppy has been resting quite well in his crate since the first night I brought him home, and has even slept through the night. I originally purchased this EveryYay Essentials 1 Door Collapsible Dog Crate to put in my apartment living room, but after seeing my pup comfy in it, I bought another one for my car. It’s a lifesaver!

$32 at Amazon

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