Halo’s Master Chief Collection Gets Another Great Update After Nine Years

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A screenshot shows a Halo 3 Spartan soldier firing a gun.

A screenshot shows a Halo 3 Spartan soldier firing a gun.

At a time when games always seem to be obsolete, it’s impressive to see Microsoft and 343 Industries continuing to support and update Halo: Master Chief Collection Almost 10 years since the first release. And the next update, coming out on July 12th, will be big, adding tons of new content to the already massive Classic collection. Hello game.

In 2023, it’s easy to forget, of master chief collection It was not released in response to critical acclaim or fan cheers. In fact, the original November 2014 release was a massive and embarrassing mess, heavily criticized for network issues, missing content, poor performance, and other issues. But over the years, 343 has added even more games to their collection. Halo: Reachbrought back the cut content and ported the map from. hello online. Now in 2023 MCC it’s probably the most fun Hello franchise. And this amazing collection just keeps getting bigger and better.

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On July 10th, 343 revealed all the details about the upcoming update via their official website.and lots of things added MCC. Here are some highlights.

  • Firefight will support up to 8 players and will be able to find opponents from the in-game browser.shootout in MCC It also supports “Join in Progress”, allowing players to jump in the middle of the game or return after disconnecting.

  • 343 also adds an option to recreate the 3v3 generator protection mode that was only available in Firefight. Halo: Reachnetwork beta test.

  • After the July 12th update, Halo 4Campaign and Spartan Ops modes support Theater Mode. 343 warns that this feature uses legacy code from older pre-release builds, so things can get a little choppy. Halo 4.

  • Halo 3 New mode added: Slayer Escalation aka Gun Game aka That Mode counter strike and call of duty You get a new gun every time you kill someone. 343 had already added this gametype to other games Hello of the game MCC So happy to see it come true Halo 3.

  • The 343 also received three additional armaments: invulnerability, active camouflage, and automatic turrets. Halo 3campaign to your multiplayer sandbox.These will be available in Forge etc. hello 3cCustom game modes.

  • Acrophobia Skull can now be activated with Halo: Combat Evolved.This in-game modifier is already available in other games Hello of the game MCC, Players can fly around freely in single player. Perfect for those looking for an Easter egg or for those who want to experience the original campaign in a whole new way.

Past Cuts of Halo Content Coming to MCC on PC

Finally, a ton of cut content from Hello and Halo 2 has been added to MCC Via mods on PC. 343 spent the past year working with modders to help unearth and re-implement all sorts of cut content from these classic his Bunige days. Hello Titles with cut enemies, weapons, vehicles and maps.

343 published another blog post detailing all the cut elements will be re-added to the game and how that process works. If you care about this kind of element, you should definitely check it out.

Screenshots show some of the cut creatures from Halo Combat Evolved.

Screenshots show some of the cut creatures from Halo Combat Evolved.

Here are just a few of the strange creatures modders are adding again Halo: Combat Evolved on your computer.

Keep in mind that all this cut content is implemented via mods, at least for now, so it’s only available on the PC version.

And that’s not all this update adds. It’s incredible to see a nearly 10 year old game continue to receive such great free support. master chief collection is a great playable archive for Hello fan. I really hope that more publishers and developers copy his Microsoft work here and create similarly comprehensive collections for his other great video game franchises.Also where am i Gears of War: Marcus Fenix ​​CollectionMicrosoft?

Halo: Master Chief Collection‘s next big update is coming July 12th on Xbox and PC.

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