Watch: All-rounder battle begins with covers from ITZY, Taeyeon, DAY6 and more in ‘Queendom Puzzle’

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Mnet’s new idol survival program “Queendom Puzzle” has started an “all-rounder battle”!

The spin-off work “Queendom Puzzle” of the popular survival program “Queendom” depicts idols, including members of currently active girl groups, competing for the position of the new seven-member project girl group. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, who previously hosted ‘Queendom’ Season 2, will be the MC of the program.

In last week’s episode of Queendom Puzzle, the contestants were divided into two teams for their next battle: the Queendom Team and the Puzzle Team. The all-rounder battle will be divided into 5 rounds, and each team will perform 3 vocal/rap performances and 2 dance performances for a total of 5 performances.

After the teams have played in 5 different rounds, each team’s scores for all 5 performances are summed up and the team with the higher score wins the battle. (As a result, it doesn’t matter how many wins or losses each team has, only the final score. If a team wins 3 rounds but has a lower total score than the other team, it loses the overall fight. There is a possibility.)

The lineup of each team is as follows.

queendom team

  • Yoni from Rocket Punch
  • Soyeon of TripleS
  • Juri Takahashi from Rocket Punch
  • Dohwa (AOA Chanmi)
  • H1-KEY Hwiso
  • Weekly Soun
  • Weki Meki’s Elly
  • Shiroma Miru
  • Cherin from Cherry Bullet
  • MOMOLAND’s Jui
  • pride
  • Jiwoo from Triple S
  • Weekly Lee Soo Jin

puzzle team

  • Kei from Lovelyz
  • Nana from woo!ah!
  • cherry barrett bra
  • Wooyoung from woo!ah!
  • Weekly Zoa
  • weekly magazine jihan
  • Jiwon from Cherry Bullet
  • Yeeun from CLC
  • rocket punch suyun
  • cosmic girl yeoreum
  • Rina H1-KEY
  • light sam fish
  • Yuki from PURPLE KISS

The battle kicked off this week with a three-round vocal/rap contest.

Check out all six performances from the first three rounds below.

round 1

In the first round, six members of the puzzle team (Nana from woo!ah!, Suyun from Rocket Punch, Yeoreum from Cosmic Girls, Yeeun from CLC, Yuki from PURPLE KISS, Zoa from Weeekly) performed Crush’s “Rush Hour” ( featuring J-Hope of BTS). ).

On the other hand, four members of the Queendom team (TripleS’s Soyeon, Weeekly’s Lee Sujin, Rocket Punch’s Yeonhee, MOMOLAND’s JooE) covered Taeyeon’s “Weekend”.

Puzzle Team “Rush Hour”

Queendom Team – “Weekend”

round 2

In the second round, two members of the puzzle team, Cherry Bullet’s Bora and Lovelyz’s Kei, covered Lim Young-woong’s “If We Ever Meet Again.”

Meanwhile, Queendom team Dohwa (AOA’s Changmi), Rocket Punch’s Juri Takahashi, TripleS’s Jiwoo, and Fai performed BIG Naughty’s “Hopeless Romantic” (with AKMU’s Lee Soohyun).

Puzzle Team “If we meet again”

Queendom Team – ‘Desperate Romantic’

round 3

In the third round, H1-KEY’s Riina, LIGHTSUM’s Sanga, woo!ah!’s Wooyoung, Cherry Bullet’s Jiwon, and Weeekly’s Jihan, a five-member puzzle team covered ITZY’s “WANNABE.”

Meanwhile, Queendom team Miru Shiroma, Weeekly’s Soun, Weki Meki’s Ellie, Cherry Bullet’s Chaerin, and H1-KEY’s Hwiso performed DAY6’s ‘Time of Our Life’.

Puzzle team “WANNABE”

Queendom Team – “Time of Our Life”


The teams’ numerical scores have yet to be revealed, but the Puzzle team won all three rounds, leaving the Queendom team in a precarious position heading into the final two rounds.

With two dance rounds set to air in next week’s episode, it remains to be seen if the Queendom team can catch up and turn the tide.

What’s your favorite all-rounder performance so far? Let us know in the comments!

Episode 5 of “Queendom Puzzle” will soon be available on Viki with English subtitles. In the meantime, check out the past four episodes below.

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