Was it discrimination?Ermey Concert Attendee Says Fans Told Him To Lower Pride Flags During Song “Rainbow”

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Last weekend, Taiwanese pop star A-mei delighted his devoted fans with two nights in Singapore on his ASMeiR 2023 world tour.

Her drummer Theo Jia Long took to TikTok to share her perspective on videos of fans singing along to the 50-year-old classic hit “I Want Happiness.”

“Nothing beats this 13-kilometre singalong,” he wrote.

@teojiarong nothing beats this 13k – Theo Jiaron

However, one concert-goer was dissatisfied with what happened on the second night (July 8).

A TikTok user named Andee C wrote, “Oh my god! Last night in Singapore, at a concert where A-mei literally sang the song Rainbow, we were all asked to bring down the rainbow flag.

“That’s complete discrimination, isn’t it? Take cold medicine. It’s just a flag.”

The attached video shows a member of the security team approaching a fan standing in the front row, pointing at the pride flag and making a cross with his hand.

The fan pointed to the flag and seemed to say something to the guards, who shook hands.

The video is also accompanied by the captions “We can never stop our pride” and “For pride and love”.

@andeecys Wow! We were all asked to take down the rainbow flag last night at Aimee’s concert in Singapore where she literally sang “Rainbow🌈Rainbow” 🙄🤷🏻‍♂️ That’s totally Isn’t that discrimination? Take cold medicine, it’s #amei #concert #singapore #rainbow #lovewins #LGBTQ #张惠SISTER#张惠SISTERConcert#Singapore#Color light♬ original sound – Andee C.

Andy C considered this act to be a potential form of discrimination, but one netizen offered a different explanation for the security guard’s actions.

“It’s blocking the audience’s view, yeah,” they commented.

Another noted that A-mei’s 2014 concert banned Rainbow from being included in the Singapore setlist, which may have prompted fans to take down their pride flags.

During a 2013 performance of the song, A-mei asked the audience to show affection for their same-sex partners and projected footage of concert-goers, including same-sex couples, kissing.

“This part of the show promoted a LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender)-leaning message,” said Jacob Ibrahim, Minister of Communications and Information at the time. might do,” he said. event.

Since such concerts are usually given a public rating, the Media Development Department told organizers that including the song would cause the event to “beyond the public rating,” he said. So the organizers decided to abolish the song.

“Aimee was warned by the police at her last concert here not to stir up the LGBTQ agenda with her performance,” a netizen claimed. “She followed the rules, but her fans are still trying.”


“Are you trying to annoy the concert organizers? Oh my God. Respect the public space,” another commented. “I’m gay, but I’m not going to crush my beliefs.”

Andee C replied, “It’s just a flag. Calm down.”

AsiaOne reached out to Andee C and concert organizer IMC Live Global for comment.

Another commenter said concertgoers were waving six-colored pride flags instead of the rainbow flag that Andee C mentioned in his TikTok post.

However, the creator of the flag, Gilbert Baker, called it the rainbow flag, regardless of the number of colors. He originally had eight designs, but was reduced to six in the 1970s when hand-dyeing became difficult.

Some netizens sided with Andy C., although the comments also contained outright homophobia.

“I think they overreacted. But respect to the Rainbow Lights team,” the comment reads, presumably referring to the Rainbow Lightsticks another fan had.

Another comment said, “It’s literally just a flag.”

Andy jokingly replied: “Well, they think it’s a magic wand, so waving it makes everyone gay.”



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