The ‘dirtiest’ X-Files of all time leaked: list of 99 Korean celebrities who died

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who knows know. South Korea’s so-called “celebrity X-files” is an old story in the entertainment industry. Judging by the sheer number of rumors that have circulated, The X-Files was probably the dirtiest thing a Korean celebrity has ever done.

So what was it? Who put it together?

Actors Kim Tae-hee (left), Jung Woo-sung (middle), Song Hye-kyo (right) | iMBC & Hankyung

Back in 2005, a massive list of 99 celebrities and their most private affairs (both factual and rumored) was leaked online. Numerous copies of the file quickly circulated as soon as the media began reporting news of the leak.

the aforementioned “File” It was collected and managed by a South Korean marketing company called. Cheil Worldwide, then known as Cheil Communications. Cheil Communications explained that the information was collected for the purpose of creating a database of celebrities that could be used for recommendations.a research company called East-West Researchpartnered with Cheil Communications for this effort, which ended up leaking a 113-page PowerPoint file in the process.

Dongseo Research’s “In-Depth Interviews with External Experts for Building a Commercial Model Database” PowerPoint file cover. | East-West Research

The title of the file is “Thorough interviews with external experts for building a commercial model database” Created in November 2004. This includes “External Expert” Interview content and interview date.

10 reporters working in various Korean media (including popular TV reporters like) Cho Young Gu and Kim Seung-min—I was hired by Daiichimo Communications’ “Brand Marketing Research Institute” and had an interview with East-West Research in exchange for two $100 gift certificates.

A list of Korean reporters recruited as “external experts” for interviews. | East-West Research

I. Purpose of this research and database creation process

the purpose: This study was created to collect data on recommendation models. This data is used to evaluate the model by sharing potential issues that could complicate approvals in order to prevent advertisers from taking risks.


1. process: Thorough interview
2. participant: A total of 10 interviewees (Daiichi Keori Communications Brand Marketing Research Institute Recruitment)

Cho Young GuSBS Reporter: Interviewed on October 27, 2004
Kim Seung-minKBS Reporter: November 1, 2004
Ko Gyu Dae Free MP3 DownloadSports Korea: October 28, 2004
Choi Hyo-anSports Seoul: October 28, November 10, 2004
Kim Jae BumSports Today: October 29, 2004
Kim Ga-heeYonhap News: November 1, 2004
Heo Min YoungSports Today: November 3, 2004
Baek Mi-jeonggood day: November 4, 2004
Kim Bum SukIrgun Sports: November 4, 2004
Song Won-seopSports Korea: November 2004, 11

The hottest models, actors and idols in South Korea were discussed on the show, according to the file. “In-Depth Interview”. This file was a compilation of many pages of these discussions. Describe each star in detail “Personality, potential, personal management skills, dating history” more.

The file ranked celebrities, scored their current popularity, assessed potential, and also noted rumors related to their personal lives. Some of the information was true, such as celebrity background data, but the files contained arbitrary and unverified data.

99 celebrity names featured in the file. | East-West Research

Kang Dong-won / Ko So-young / Gong Yoo / Kwon Sang-woo / Kim Nam-joo / Kim Diana / Kim Rae-won / Kim Myung-min / Kim Min-sung / Kim Min-jun / Kim Min-hee / Kim Bin-woo / Kim Yumi / Kim Jung Eun / Kim Jung Hwa / Kim Tae Hee / Kim Hyun Joo / Kim Hye Soo / Kim Hyo Jin / Kim Hee Sun / Kim Hee Ae / Nam Sang Mi / Ryu Seung Bum / Moon Geun Young / Park Sang Won / Park Shin Yang / Park Ye Jin / Park Eun Hye / Park Jung Ah / Park Joo Mi / Park Han Byul / Bae Yong Joon / BoA / Rain / Seo Min Jung / Sung Yuri / SE7EN / So Yi Hyun / Son Ye Jin / Song Seung Hoon / Song Yoon Ah / Song Hye Kyo / Shin Hye / Shin Ha Kyun / Ahn Sung Ki / Ahn Jae Wook / Yeon Jung Hoon / Eric / Won Bin / Yoo Ho Jung / Yoon Do Hyun / Yoon So Yi / Lee Na Young / Lee Da Hae / Lee Dong Gun / Lee Moon Se / Lee Mi Young / Lee Byung Hun / Lee Seo Jin / Lee Young Ae / Lee Eun Ju / Lee Eun Hye / Lee Jung Jae / Lee Jung Won / Lee Hyo Ri / Lim Sung-eon / Lim Soo-jung / Jang Na-ra / Jang Dong-gun / Jang So-hee / Jang Shin-young / Jang Jin-young / Jung Kwang-ryul / Jun Ji-hyun / Jung Jin / Jung Da-bin / Jung Woo-sung / Jung Junho / Jo Yoon Hee / Jo Yi Jin / Jo In Sung / Ji Sung / Ji Jin Hee / Cha Seung Won / Cha In Pyo / Cha Tae Hyun / Cha Rim / Choi Shi Ra / Choi Ji Woo / Ha Ji Won / Han Ga In / Han Go Eun / Han Suk Kyu / Han Ye Seul / Han Eun Jung / Han Ji Min / Han Ji Hye / Han Chae Young / Hong Soo Hyun

For example, a file that ranks actresses Kim Tae Hee At the time, she was a three-star celebrity, but she received four stars because she was likely to be endorsed.Kim Tae-hee’s page lists some facts such as her education at a prestigious Korean university Seoul National University. But it also “External Expert” I thought about her looks, acting skills, management/manager. Some of the most baseless and unverifiable rumors “External Expert” Including what I heard.

The page of actress Kim Tae Hee in the file. | East-West Research
I translated Kim Tae Hee’s page. | koreaboo

After the leak, the celebrities mentioned in the files, as well as their fans, and even the Korea Broadcasting Actors Guild, expressed outrage at the files. Both Daiichisei Tsushin and Tozai Research “Scored [celebrities] like a product and “spreading a lot of gossip” about them.

of “External Expert” It also faced backlash, even though it claimed reporters denied most of the rumors East-West Research tried to confirm in interviews.

The Korean Broadcasting Actors Guild holds a press conference in front of a placard that reads, “Actors are not products that are scored and evaluated.” | joy news

We know baseless rumors can ruin careers and we are very sorry that innocent entertainers who have done nothing wrong have to suffer. . Invasion of privacy through the Internet has become a serious problem, but this time the situation is more serious because it was not the privacy of one or two people, but the privacy of all celebrities.

All celebrities, including those not on the list, are saddened. And whether the reviews are good or bad doesn’t seem to matter all that much at this point. The last few days have been tough for me and my colleagues who are currently working in television. I hope you can understand the despair many celebrities are experiencing right now.

— Actor Ahn Jae Wook at the press conference

Cheil Communications apologized through a public statement posted on 22 print newspapers, 14 online news sites, and its website.

Official statement from Cheil Communications. | Chell Communications

sincere apology

Cheil Communications apologizes to everyone affected by the leaked files. The study started with the good intentions of minimizing the risk of advertisers choosing the wrong model for their product. Daiichi Woolen Communications shares responsibility for what happened, even though the investigation was conducted by an outsourced company.

I would also like to point out that most of what is reported in the files are unconfirmed rumors.

We will do our best to resolve this issue. I also promise that something like this will never happen again. I hope that the file leak will not adversely affect the Korean entertainment business. We will reflect on this matter and make even greater efforts to further develop our entertainment business.

Once again, we apologize to everyone involved, including celebrities, reporters, and fans who love and care about the Korean entertainment business.

January 21, 2005

— Cheil Communications CEO and Board of Directors

Shortly thereafter, the celebrities withdrew the lawsuit after Daiichi Woolen Communications agreed to the following terms:

  • Run Cheil Communications’ “Task Force” to help develop the entertainment business.
  • Co-sponsored a workshop with Cheil Communications and an entertainment agency.
  • Share Cheil Communications’ database and further develop the modeling business.
  • Organize and/or sponsor public campaigns.
  • Fundraising to support entertainment business and cultural development for the general public.
  • Sponsor a celebrity-funded scholarship.

The 2005 X-Files scandal was one of the first and most significant moments to raise awareness of how rumors can start circulating in South Korean entertainment, but celebrities have also gone four further between 2008 and 2016. fought two “X-Files” scandals.

The 2016 “X-Files” page. | @idea shower/story

But fast forward to 2023 and things look even more hopeful. Now, as South Korean celebrities take legal action more aggressively than ever against malicious hoaxes, the influence of fake news is waning. Korean entertainment fans, too, have learned over the decades not to trust unverifiable information, and it’s no surprise that such “X-Files” become obsolete.

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