Beware of Emotet’s Surprising Return to Cyberwarfare

The infamous botnet Emotet is back and ready to start a cyber war.

The infamous botnet Emotet is back, mainly targeting Japan and Southern Europe. (Source – ESET) Since its removal in 2021, Emotet has led numerous spam campaigns. Emotet’s handler, Mealybug, continually upgrades and creates new modules. Since returning, the Emotet team has been working hard to evade botnet tracking. A cunning and formidable force in the … Read more

Singapore state investor Temasek posts worst return since 2016

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Temasek’s total shareholder return fell 5.07% in Singapore dollars for the year. The net value of the portfolio was S$382 billion in 2023, compared to S$403 billion in 2022. A combination of global events, not seen in recent decades, has raised the cost of capital and squeezed capital flows. Singapore’s state-owned investment firm Temasek posted … Read more