Black TV news reporter explains why she wears braids on air: ‘Working in TV shouldn’t ban people from experimenting with hair’

The photographic illustration depicts a profile of a woman with braids and graphics such as checkmarks and eye icons associated with television production.

Braids are becoming more common in newsrooms across America. (Illustration: Aida Amer for Yahoo, Photo: Getty Images) When Houston-based news anchor and reporter Brianna Connor went on vacation to Belize in March, she had no idea that her tropical vacation would lead to big breakthroughs in her relationship with her hair. “Braids are common for … Read more

Analysis of Black Market Bath Salts Using GC-IR

Chemical structures of studied cathinones.

Cathinones, commonly known as ‘bath salts’, are a large class of compounds belonging to the family of novel psychoactive substances (NPS). Cathinones are often marketed as alternatives to more widely known recreational drugs due to their stimulant properties.1 In addition to being an alternative stimulant for users, cathinones have also been detected as substitutes or … Read more