Singaporean man falls in love with Australian workwear, wears it everywhere

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A TikTok video of a Singaporean man who loves Australian Trady uniforms goes viral

Those who have been to Australia may have noticed trade workers in high-visibility uniforms, colloquially called “trade uniforms”.

These high-vis uniforms and vests, mostly seen at airports and on the road, have become a symbol of Australian workers, but are not strictly considered a fashion statement.

But one Singaporean man may be trying to change all that.

He loves his ‘traddy uniform’ (available at Kmart) so much that he wears it everywhere in Australia and even proudly rocked it back in Singapore.

Men fall in love with traditional Australian uniforms, buy them and wear them everywhere

On June 30, a slideshow posted by fiancée Lena Chen about her obsession with orange shirts went viral on TikTok.

Source: @renaecjc on TikTok

The story struck a chord with many Australians, many of whom found his obsession with traditional uniforms appealing.

talk to MSNewsTheSmartLocal employee Cheng shared that the post was made on a whim and didn’t expect it to go viral.

But she loves him for exactly that reason, so I’m glad more people around the world know how goofy and stupid her fiancé is.

“My fiancée’s beige flag…is that he ironically loves the beauty of traditional Australian uniforms,” ​​she said.

According to The Time, “beige flags” refer to “attributes that are neither good nor bad, but still a reason to stop” when dating someone.

Chen went on to explain that his fiancé first visited Australia in August 2022 and “fell in love” with the neon orange Tradie uniform when they met at Kmart.

Source: @renaecjc on TikTok

He liked the shirt so much that he braved the cold and wore it during the Australian winter.

Source: @renaecjc on TikTok

When I was wearing the shirt on the flight back to Singapore, the trade staff at the airport saw it and said, “It’s a nice fashion!”

“My fiancé laughed shyly, but deep down he was overjoyed,” Chen said.

I’m still wearing the tradi shirt when I’m back in Singapore

Chen continued to wear the shirt proudly after her fiancé returned to Singapore.

Source: @renaecjc on TikTok

And of course, when the couple returned to Australia in June 2023, it was a must to head back to Kmart to reunite with his beloved traddie shirt.

Source: @renaecjc on TikTok

“In conclusion, find a man who will love you as much as my fiancée loves traditional uniforms,” ​​Ms. Chen joked.

Source: @renaecjc on TikTok

Chen’s fiancée likes his traditional uniform, but hasn’t actually bought another one yet.

she shared with MSNews He doesn’t want to buy new things. Instead, he just wants to wear his favorite orange shirt until he can’t.

However, since her TikTok post went viral, many have sent her “fan mail,” including social influencer brand TradeMutt.

So you probably won’t need to buy another tradi shirt for a while.

Share videos on a whim

Chen said: MSNews She simply made a TikTok video “15 minutes on the couch” on a whim. Seeing her fiancé wearing that shirt again, she wanted to tease him as usual.

“This time I posted about this online mainly to share with my friends who follow me online how stupid and goofy he is and to join the ‘beige flag’ trend on TikTok. I just wanted to,” she shared.

She never expected her videos to reach Australian audiences.

That led to a lot of press coverage, with the couple even appearing on Australia’s Live News for a virtual interview.

Image credit: Mr. Chen

She recalls getting “sadly more than 300 likes” on Instagram, but posting a TikTok went from 5,000 to 500,000 views in just half a day.

And after her TikTok post reached Australians, she noticed hundreds of comments and a flood of positive reactions.

Interestingly, Mr. Chen’s fiancée was in the reserve all this time.

He shared that being able to scroll through hilarious and supportive comments during breaks has been a good way to recharge.

For some reason, Mr. Chen has become something of a “talent manager” for him, responding to media interviews and arranging to send “fan mail” to him. did not say

I’ve always loved my fiancée’s silly goofy personality and quirky behavior, so it’s very heartwarming to see this.

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Featured image from @renaecjc on TikTok.

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