Real or Fake?Jennie’s YG Contract Cancellation and Blackpink’s Dissolution Weibo Post Goes Hot

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Will Blackpink be history soon? Or is it just fake news for 15 minutes of fame?

Yesterday (July 10) morning, a netizen posted on Weibo claiming that Jennie would soon leave the management company.

They wrote, “According to the latest reliable sources, Jennie plans to terminate her contract with YG Entertainment after the encore concert.”

Blackpink have announced that they will hold an encore concert as an extension of their Bournepink world tour in North America. They will play their final show in Los Angeles on August 26th.

The post sparked a discussion on Weibo and went viral yesterday. The hashtag “Jenny terminates contract with YG” soared to the top of the hot search list and was in the top three around noon.

Many netizens posted under the topic, mostly criticizing Jennie’s performance on Blackpink’s recent Bournepink World Tour.

One netizen wrote, “Seeing this reminded me of a comment I saw earlier that her demeanor was like someone about to quit her job.”

Another netizen wrote, “The fact that she’s been slacking off during concert performances lately shows that she doesn’t really care about her group.”

These comments come after a series of videos recently surfaced on Chinese social media platform Weibo during the group’s Bourne Pink World Tour about Jenny not giving her all while dancing and leaving the stage in the middle of the performance. It came out after spreading on Douyin.

On July 2nd, Jenny broke down in tears while singing the line “It’s my choice and no one is hurting me” from their song “Tully” during the BST Hyde Park concert in London. figure was seen.

While netizens praised her for showing her vulnerability and candor on stage, others worried about her well-being.

@linhsooyaa2110 Yesterday Jenny cried while singing Tully on the BST stage in Hyde Park 🥺🥺. We love you Jenny, you did a great job Jenny in BST Hyde Park #bsthydepark #jennie #jenniekim #BLACKPINKxBSTHydePark ♬ BGM – LinhSooyaa

Another Weibo post on July 8 also seemed to hint at the future of girl groups.

The post read, “BLACKPINK’s Jennie will not be renewing her exclusive contract with YG Entertainment. The company is still in talks with Lisa, but Lisa intends to leave.”

“Rose has been confirmed to be signing with Black Label. Jisoo will either continue with YG Entertainment or sign with Black Label.”

The Black Label is an affiliate of YG Entertainment founded in 2015 by music producers and rappers Teddy Park and Kush. It manages celebrities such as BIGBANG’s Taeyang, singer and rapper Jeon Somi, and actor Park Bogum.

The discussion also sparked other topics on Weibo, such as “Will Blackpink break up?” “Who is the Blackpink member who is least likely to leave?”

No conclusions have been drawn as to whether BLACKPINK will disband or who is most likely to remain in the group, but the netizen who made the original post posted it again on Weibo yesterday, stating that there is no evidence for the previous allegations. clarified that it was not.

They wrote, “I made the Weibo post purely for self-entertainment. It has not been confirmed whether Jenny will renew her contract. I am very sorry for the controversy.”

Netizens flooded the user comments section, criticizing their actions.

One person wrote, “I have to give it to you, can’t you post it without checking if it’s accurate?”

Another netizen wrote, “Please stop making jokes like this because people will easily believe you.”

BLACKPINK debuted in August 2016 and has broken multiple international records over the years. With his seven-year contract with YG Entertainment coming to an end next month, Brinks fans around the world are wondering whether the four members (Jenny, Lisa, Jisoo and Rose) will continue with the label or pursue success individually. I’m worried about how things will go.

YG Entertainment has remained silent on whether Blackpink, described by Rolling Stone as “one of the greatest girl groups of all time,” will continue with all four members, but Brinks announced last October that It is speculated that all members may have already continued their activities at the time of . She has renewed her contract with YG Entertainment.

“Blackpink is not going anywhere,” Rose told the crowd during the Bourne Pink World Tour concert at Singapore’s National Stadium on April 14. I was even more convinced that I would see more pink. . #blackpinkinyourarea #blackpinkisnotgettinganywhere #jennie #rosè #jisoo #lisa thx Video @mc.artsie ♬ Original Sound – BLINK – BLAƆPINK in your area

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