‘Pretty insane’: Singapore couple driving Maserati back to Bangkok

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Taking a road trip is a fun way to explore the area.

While it’s common for Singaporeans to drive north to Malaysian cities like Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Penang, one couple decided to explore beyond.

Darryl, 33, and Cheryl, 29, posted a TikTok video on June 25th about an adventurous road trip to and from Bangkok.

This video captures some of the key highlights of the 4,200km road trip, including crossing Thai checkpoints, the car of their choice, and a Maserati Quattroporte with a sleek diesel engine.

@xinjiaporean 2023 road trip from Singapore to Bangkok! (Cost breakdown in next video) I know a lot of people are going further (kudos to them!), but this is #Achievement unlocked for us. It’s a milestone. It’s pretty crazy and I still can’t believe we made it, but with planning and passion, it’s possible ✨ Kudos to my strong hub as the sole driver for this trip 🦾 SG – Hat Yai (1 night) – Hua Hin (1 night) ) – BKK (2 nights, we now embark on our journey back to Singapore with pit stops in various cities) For those who love driving and are adventurous highly recommend you give it a try. A really different experience 🙂 #sgtiktok #sg #singapore #singaporetiktok #foryou #hatyai #huahin #bkk #roadtrip #maserati ♬ มองนานๆ – FLI:P

in the caption, The self-employed couple said it was a breakthrough for them considering it was the furthest they had ever driven on their road trip.

“It’s pretty crazy and I still can’t believe we made it, but with planning and passion, it’s possible,” the couple said.

They first drove from Singapore to Hat Yai, a city in southern Thailand, where they rested for the night.

The road trip then continued to Hua Hin, where we spent the night recovering before reaching Bangkok.

After two nights in Bangkok, they returned to Singapore with two pit stops in Krabi and Ipoh.

In another TikTok video, the couple shared a breakdown of their road trip expenses.

Since they were driving to Thailand, they had to obtain Thai insurance and related documents such as Thai car stickers for a total cost of $15.39.

We used 320 liters of fuel, so we spent $321.37 on diesel. The toll cost him $10.33.

I also spent $959.74 on the hotel. Finally, I spent $973.79 on food and other expenses.

Q&A from netizens

In the comment section, netizens posted a large number of questions for the couple.

For example, someone asked about the duration of different legs of a trip. The couple said it took seven hours from Singapore to Hat Yai, nine and a half hours to Hua Hin, and another three and a half hours to Bangkok.

In another comment, the couple also emphasized that her husband was the sole driver for the entire trip, stopping every three hours for short bathroom breaks.

And what plans did they have in case their car broke down?

Luckily my husband is an auto mechanic.

And if your car needs major repairs, a tow truck will be arranged to take your Maserati to the nearest auto shop.

Of the obstacles they faced, the couple said the trip had been relatively smooth sailing, and that they only traveled during the day.

From London to Singapore

To take things to a whole other level, on August 2nd, a couple is driving from London to Singapore.

Husband Jeremy Shih shared an ambitious road trip on Facebook.

In the post, he said he and his wife will be driving in 23 countries over 100 days.

To make the trip even more memorable, Jeremy has shipped a 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser 4.6L V8 to London to embark on this journey in a Singapore registered car, an SUV to be precise.

He also revealed the route he planned to take: “UK > France > Belgium > Germany > Austria > Slovakia > Hungary > Croatia > Bosnia > Montenegro > Albania > Greece > Turkiye > Iran > Turkmenistan > Uzbekistan > Kyrgyzstan > Kazakhstan. > China > Laos > Thailand > Malaysia > Singapore”.

In preparation for this arduous trip, his holiday packing list includes 30 octane boosters, spare parts for his car, two weeks’ worth of clothing, shoes, glasses, medicines, and easily warmed food.

Jeremy will also bring video equipment to record the entire experience. Think tripods, GoPro cameras, memory cards, and more.

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