Liverpool are on the verge of returning Klopp’s trademark and Fabinho knows why

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Fabinho returned to Liverpool’s AXA training base earlier this week, enjoying time away from football after a difficult campaign at Merseyside. The 29-year-old midfielder has struggled at times throughout the season, failing to provide the players around him with the same level of defensive security as before.

So it’s likely that he’s excited to meet his two new teammates in the coming days, with Alexis Mack Allister and Dominic Szoboschrei joining from Brighton & Hove Albion and RB Leipzig this summer. Not surprising. The former is a World Cup winner and in his prime at 24, while the latter is captain of his country and considered one of the continent’s greatest talents.

Considering the two players prefer to play in the middle of the park, it’s no surprise Fabinho is encouraged by their respective arrivals. The South American player hasn’t been who he really is over the last 12 months, but much of his apparent decline could really be attributed to a lack of support in the middle.

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“I think in the last five or six years we’ve lost three really important midfield players. It’s good to bring in some good players in those positions. [them]’ Fabinho told this week. “Given the way we play, the intensity of our play, we always need six players in this position, not three or four,” he said. [in the squad]. Well, it’s good to have these two players with us now. We already played against them, so we know how good they are. It’s good to have them on the team.”

In fact, Mack Allister and Shoboschrei could form a trio in midfield with Fabinho, perhaps forming a box if Trent Alexander-Arnold continues to flow inside from his usual right-back space. deaf. Compared to last year, Fabinho will suddenly have plenty of support in the engine room, both in terms of numbers and proven quality.

Observing Fabinho’s struggles last season, he struggled mainly with having to manage wide open spaces, as Klopp’s signature pressing game was not working as effectively as it had in the past. With Liverpool’s high press failing to protect their deep players, Fabinho was often chasing shadows.

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