Japanese truck driver tragically learns he was transgendered at birth and deprived of luxury

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He was supposed to be a prince, but he lived like a pauper.

A 70-year-old Japanese truck driver will have to live the rest of his life with the heartbreaking reality of a birth swap. And his biological parents were much richer than his non-biological parents. The man, who chose to remain anonymous, revealed that he grew up in a poor single-parent home. His father died in 1955, and his mother raised him and his two biological sons on welfare.

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newspaper Asahi Shimbun A family of four lived in a 100-square-foot apartment. After graduating from junior high school, I worked in a small factory, and then attended a night class at a technical high school. Unable to afford college, he chose to become a truck driver.

In comparison, his biological parents sent their children, including the boy who replaced them, to private high schools and colleges.

The man’s biological parents sent their four sons, including the one involved in the mix-up, to private high schools and colleges. After graduating from junior high school, the plaintiff got a job at a small factory. After that, he attended the night club of a technical high school and now works as a truck driver. His biological parents died before the hospital’s mistake was made public.

— Asahi Shimbun

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But how did this tragedy come about? In March 1953, hospital staff Sanikukai Hospital In Tokyo, she mistook him for another boy, who was delivered just 13 minutes later. They sent two babies to the wrong parents.

According to the ruling, the man was born in March 1953 at Sanikukai Hospital in Tokyo’s Sumida Ward. The hospital is operated by Sanikukai, a social welfare corporation in the same ward.

Hospital staff mistook him for the son of a couple whose real son was born 13 minutes after giving birth. After the man’s “father” died in 1955, his “mother” raised him and his two biological sons on welfare.

— Asahi Shimbun

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For years, his biological siblings had suspected that his eldest brother was unrelated because of their distinctly different appearance. They searched for a long time and finally found their missing brother. A DNA test conducted in January 2009 confirmed the mix-up.

The court said DNA test results in January 2009 confirmed the 60-year-old mix-up. The ruling comes after a lengthy search after the man’s biological siblings suspected that the eldest brother was a relative because of his physical appearance.

— Asahi Shimbun

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A court later ruled that the social services organization that ran the hospital where the mix-up occurred had to pay the truck driver about $317,000.Emotional distress caused by being deprived of the opportunity to receive higher education

At a press conference, he admitted that he wished he could have turned the clock back. “When I found out about my real parents two years ago, I thought, oh, I wish they had raised me.,” He cried. However, it was noted that despite the unfortunate circumstances, he faced the situation with grace and humility.

He says he is grateful to both his family and his biological parents for raising him, and that he feels no animosity, resentment or resentment towards the boy who was replaced. He said, ‘We are both victims of this incident.i can’t get angry with him. “

– witness

On the other hand, a sad story reminiscent of Japanese movies If the father is the father, then the child is the child, won the Jury Prize at 2013 Cannes Film Festival. Check out the trailer below.

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