How Did Rocket And Groot Meet In The MCU? James Gunn Admits Guardians Friendship Origins

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Rocket Raccoon and Groot are definitely a friendship at the heart of the MCU guardian of the galaxy movie. Over the course of more than three films, we’ve watched this unlikely relationship grow and evolve. And this duo stole our hearts. However, the MCU’s origins of how Rocket and Groot met and first became friends remain a mystery. Now, guardian of the galaxy The series has ended, but at least we’ve come to know and the answers to our questions about the beginning of this friendship have finally been revealed. So how did Rocket and Groot meet in the MCU? James Gunn recently gave fans a very thorough answer, but it’s a Rocket and Groot short film that never got made. and related to the characters mentioned therein. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1Tibius Lark.

Rocket and Groot from 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and how they met
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when, where and how guardian of the galaxyMCU’s Rocket Met Groot

Strictly speaking, James Gunn leaves out the question of the origin of Rocket and Groot’s friendship, or when, how, and where they met. guardian of the galaxy MCU world. In fact, Gunn answered the question you’re probably asking right now, “Who is Tibius Lark?”But in answering that question, Gunn also finally revealed how Rocket and Groot met before their first meeting. guardian of the galaxy movie.

What is Tibius Lark guardian of the galaxy?

If you can’t remember where you heard the name Tibius Lark in the MCU, it’s because you’ve never heard it.The name was displayed only for a moment Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1. It appeared during a headshot with The Guardian’s Nova Corp. As seen in the sequence below, Tibius Lark is said to be Groot’s companion.

But after this brief mention of Tibius Lark’s relationship with Groot, guardian of the galaxy, No further information about him was obtained from this Marvel franchise or any other franchise. However, Tibius Lark proved to be very important in the MCU universe, as he is actually responsible for Groot and Rocket’s friendship.

Tibius Lark leaves Groot to take care of Rocket Raccoon, Showing the origins of their MCU friendship

Simply put, Rocket and Groot’s MCU friendship began at the well. Longer answers are more focused. James Gunn tells how and why she met in the Marvel universe before Rocket and Groot became known best friends through a thread. he reveals:

Tibius Lark, Groot, and Rocket were all trapped in a deep well in the ground. Tibius was moribund. He explained to Rocket that he had been taking care of Groot for years.

He was a former keeper of the fucking zoo on the galaxy side. He explained that he saved Groot, who was on display there, and that Groot was a loyal friend. He asked Rocket to take care of him, after which he died. At the moment of his death, Rocket looked down in a dark cell and he realized he was a robot, his lower body shattered into a machine.

When the guards on the ground heard something rumble and turned around, Rocket and Groot jumped out of the ground, Rocket on Groot’s shoulder, and Rocket’s hand in the body of Tibius Lark. With a machine gun fired, he shot all the guards and they fled. We were together until I met the Guardian. That was Tibius Lark.

Rocket and Groot and the Origins of Their Friendship in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3
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The Verified Story of Rocket and Groot’s Encounter Is True guardian of the galaxy-style, tragic, much like their individual backstories. Even from the short description you can feel all the emotions it would have evoked. The visual of the rocket flying out of the ground on Groot’s shoulder is impressive. And you can see what the experience was like and how the time spent together turned out after the two bonded. But there’s a reason this story feels so deep. James Gunn was about to make a short film about the origins of Rocket and Groot for Marvel and the MCU.

MCU short film about the origins of Rocket and Groot’s friendship has been shelved guardian of the galaxy

In Thor: Love and Thunder, Rocket pulls the binoculars out of Groot's mouth.  Here's how Rocket and Groot meet in the MCU.
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Gunn has spoken on the subject before, but has revealed more about the Marvel short film Thread. he said: “I wrote a short film explaining how Rocket and Groot met. It was storyboarded, locations were researched, and test footage was produced (at SDCC he cut it together after 12 days of filming. (seen in the “Trailer”). But Vol 1 was getting so hot that I didn’t have time to do it. “

With Gunn creating a new cinematic universe for DC movies, it seems unlikely that the Rocket and Groot Marvel short will return. But we’ve learned to never say “never.” Still, thanks to Gunn for openly sharing details that didn’t come through on screen. Otherwise, I’ve always wondered how Rocket and Groot’s Guardians of the Galaxy friendship came about and how they met. To all this we say, “I am Groot!”

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