Getai Star Hao Hao Discusses Surprising Reasons Older People Watch His Show

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If you ever wondered why the Getai show here is so popular among the elderly, one of the stage’s veterans has an answer.

AsiaOne recently spoke with Taiwan-born, Singapore-based Getai singer Hao Hao on the roadshow of its new Chinese dialect drama Whatever Will Be, Will Be.

The 41-year-old has legions of fans vying to give him food and gifts to show his affection, and even surprised himself when he first started his Getai career here in 2007. But especially Getai and his performance that has given me a better understanding of why older audiences enjoy it.

Hao Hao told AsiaOne: “One of the reasons they like watching Getai is because they can listen to popular songs and connect with their grandchildren. and say, ‘Why am I doing Getai?'” “Don’t you know? I know!

“I think they put a lot of effort into connecting with their children and grandchildren.”

As for why seniors especially enjoy Hao Hao’s performances, he feels it’s a combination of his personality and song selection.

“I think it’s probably because of my personality. I like interacting with the elderly and people in need. I think it’s because of my family background that I feel motivated to help people.” he explained.

“My father died in his 40s and my mother was young and disabled. So I became more independent and cared for the weak. Reach out, a lot of people feel that way.” I am thoughtful. “

He added that he usually picks songs that resonate with older fans and talks about things they enjoy talking about.

Whatever Will Be follows the life of 70-year-old fortune teller Liu Dafu (Jew Houlen), who is handed three lottery tickets by peddler Fu Nanxiang (Richard Lowe). Duff then gives his three children, Bishan (Chen Hanwei), Bijin (Yvonne Lim) and Bilan (Ritchie Ko) a lottery ticket, one by one. After discovering that one of the lottery tickets has won the jackpot, the brothers vie for the prize.


Hao Hao plays a security guard alongside Andy Cheng, who also plays security guard Lin Guangjiang.

The main characters speak not only Mandarin, but various Chinese dialects such as Hokkien, Teochew, and Cantonese. The drama is a collaboration between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCI) and MediaCorp and is part of the ministry’s commitment to entertaining the elderly. Get acquainted with familiar dialects and stay up to date on the latest government policies and plans.

Seniors can also spread awareness about the scam among their peers after watching the drama, Hao Hao said.

“If we speak badly, they may feel that we are blaming them.”

Hao Hao feels that as parents get older, children should be more empathetic and less calculating towards their parents.

“If we speak poorly, they may feel that we are blaming them. I understand, we should give more to them,” he said.

In his view, it seems counterintuitive, but the best way for older people to love themselves is to love their children.

“Elderly people should take care of themselves more,” said Hao Hao. “In the past, people used to have children as insurance for their old age, but now they need to manage their own old age so that their children don’t take advantage of them.” rice field.

“They can earn and spend their own money (instead of saving it for their children) and eat better food and health supplements. Our money is in the bank.’

“By taking care of themselves, they give their children the best gift possible.”

The drama will air every Friday from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm on Channel 8 from July 21st.

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