From Taylor Swift to the World Cup, travelers are paying big bucks to see games and shows abroad

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Taylor Swift performed during the Ellas Tour in Cincinnati, Ohio on June 30, 2023.

Taylor Hill/tas23 | Getty Images Entertainment | Getty Images

When Taylor Swift’s Hellas Tour takes place in Singapore next year, Ray Ignacio said he would go there whether he had a ticket or not.

“Taylor Swift has a huge fanbase in Asia,” said a YouTube content creator who lives in Pasig City, Philippines. “So the odds of getting a ticket are very low.”

But that doesn’t stop him from making travel plans, he says.

“Even if I can’t get a ticket, I’m going to Singapore,” he said. “I’m going to [the] A parking lot where you can just hear and feel the performance.

Travel to attend events has increased this year, according to a May report from Deloitte entitled “The Experience Economy Endures.”

Based on a survey of nearly 3,500 Americans, the report noted that the most common motivations for travel — spending time with loved ones and relaxation — remained relatively stable. .

“However, 2023 saw a surge in motivation that seemed to have been stifled by the pandemic, including special events and romantic getaways,” the paper said.

Filipino Ray Ignacio said the photo was inspired by his favorite Taylor Swift album Folklore. He said, “I’m going to travel just for Taylor…because I’m a big fan.”

Source: Ray Ignatius

“There’s definitely a rebound now,” said Farhan Abrol, a San Francisco resident who attended the French Open and Wimbledon last month, even though the pandemic has canceled travel and major sporting and music events.

“Luxury feels like a common reason for traveling,” he said. But it “doesn’t seem to resonate with how millennials spend their money.”

For this age group, it’s “more stories than things,” he said.

Bangkok resident Kanyarat Toprasong secured tickets to see Swift perform in Singapore in last week’s much-maligned ticket pre-sale, but online queues exceeded one million.

She and her boyfriend are currently planning a three-day trip to Singapore, but it will be her fifth visit to the city-state — “always for concerts,” she said.

“The first stamp in my passport was for going to a concert,” she told CNBC Travel.

“I especially love going to concerts in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.”

“Besides attending concerts, you can also travel to different countries,” said Kanyarat Toprasong, shown here at Blackpink’s show.

Source: Kanyarat Toprasong

Sometimes her favorite groups come to Thailand, but she chooses to see them elsewhere as a travel experience, she said.

Furthermore, “Sometimes the reason I go to overseas concerts is to secure the best seats.”

As more and more people want to travel abroad for major events, millions of dollars of foreign currency are being spent on hotels, restaurants in cities that attract big-ticket events, like Singapore, Swift’s only tour destination in Southeast Asia. , will flow into tourist attractions.

Swifties, or Taylor Swift fans, spend an average of $1,330 on tickets, meals and travel, according to research firm Questionpro. However, this fact is exacerbated by the fact that international travelers are likely to spend much more, and travel costs are often even higher before and after high-profile events.

To meet these traveler needs, more and more companies are popping up to package hotel stays, social gatherings, golf, and other activities into event tickets.

Entertainment company Live Nation launched Vibee in April. According to the company’s website, packages (starting at $1,366) to attend the Austin City Limits Music Festival in October and U2:UV’s show in Las Vegas later this year. It is said that it is selling a “VIP experience” (starting at $ 1,535) to do.

According to the website, Vibee’s VIP packages to Lollapalooza 2023 in Chicago’s Grant Park in August have already sold out.

Armando L. Sanchez | Chicago Tribune | Tribune News Service | Getty Images

“Our curated international events include Dancing on the Sand, a weekend trip to the Bahamas headlined and curated by Lionel Richie,” said Vibee President Harvey Cohen. told CNBC Travel.

“I expect that the connection between music and travel will continue to grow stronger.”

According to travel software company Navan, average U.S. hotel prices will rise by 50% when Swift’s Eras Tour comes to the city. But data shows hotel rates have more than doubled in places like Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.

Wid, who lives in Jakarta, said one of her friends had booked a hotel in Singapore before Swift’s tour tickets went on sale to avoid “astronomical price hikes”. He asked not to reveal his last name because he paid for concert tickets for others.

americana palm tree He said prices for accommodation as well as Qatar Airways flights have increased in the lead-up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Doha.

“FIFA had locked down the system, so we couldn’t secure accommodation until we had tickets for the match. All hotels were booked or reserved for

He and his father eventually booked a two-bedroom apartment managed by Accor.

Nan Palmero said the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be the first time he and his father have traveled abroad for a sporting event. “This was a global event in a place I had never been to, so I jumped at the opportunity.”

Source: Nan Palmer

As for the flight, he said, “I ended up breaking up the trip, flying into Istanbul on Delta Air Lines, staying overnight in an airport hotel, and flying Qatar Airways to Doha for the rest of the journey.”

Ignacio said he expects flights to go to Swift concerts to be very expensive.

Instead of flying directly from the Philippines to Singapore, he said: [to] First is Malaysia. “

From there, it will take six hours by bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, and we estimate that this will save us up to $400.

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