EPL Talk: Classless Manchester United risk De Gea departure

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Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea reacted after losing the FA Cup final to Manchester City.

Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea reacted after losing the FA Cup final to Manchester City. (Photo: Visionhaus/Getty Images)

When it comes to turning away from an upset loved one, Manchester United truly display President Trump-level indifference.from Joey friend I ditched my more classy girlfriend.

David De Gea’s ejection failure came after a one-night stand that included 190 clean sheets in 545 appearances before his partner slammed his bedroom door and pretended to sleep as he left. was similar to

Bruno Fernandes was obviously supporting his best friend at the club, but De Gea had a decent farewell at Old Trafford with a full house thanking me for being loyal and a huge success. I was not mistaken in suggesting that it was worth doing. But a graceful farewell and Manchester United go together as well as De Gea’s feet and ball.

The Spaniard joins a select group of club legends treated like the soles of their shoes alongside Bryan Robson, David Beckham, Jaap Stam, Roy Keane and Cristiano Ronaldo. Why can’t United replace this rudeness with something a little more dignified for all involved?

This parting is not surprising. When Pep Guardiola brought his interpretation of Johan Cruyff’s keep-ball to the English Premier League, it quickly became clear that elite goalkeepers could no longer simply guard goals. They needed to multitask and think on their feet, preferably with tools. Joe Hart paid the price for his perceived shortcomings at Manchester City, but De Gea persevered at United.

De Gea was different. He had Lieutenant Gadget’s limbs and flitted between stanchions like a cat on a hot tin roof. He was amazed by his reflexes. He achieved a shot that no other keeper had been able to reach. It may be overlooked now, but United’s keeper was arguably the world’s best in the four or five years on either side of 2016, especially in a hysterical sport that suffers forever from short-term memory loss.

But he ended up with the worst United team of his generation. In the purest sense, he was perhaps a better shot-stopper than Peter Schmeichel and Edwin van der Sar, but he suffers from the spell of poor decision-making on the pitch and in the boardroom. rice field.

Even as the game began to pull away from Klee’s feet, De Gea still made saves beyond many’s comprehension. His feline acrobatics earned him a second Golden Glove award in the EPL last season and led United in the Europa League and FA Cup. But mistakes against Sevilla and Manchester City cost the club a lot in both competitions.

His time was nearing its end. Yet United held off. Initially, Eric ten Haag was open to extending his contract with the keeper for another year until too many unforced errors made the manager change his mind, which was only natural. . However, the club’s unwillingness to make a firm decision early on did not give the keeper a chance to say goodbye and prevented Ten Haag from ever signing a decent replacement.

Man United goalkeeper David De Gea saves the shot.

Man United goalkeeper David De Gea saves the shot. (Photo: Mark Evans/Getty Images)

United leave with a key hole to fill quickly

United’s pre-season tour starts in less than a week. Inter Milan aren’t all that eager to sell a valuable asset in just one week. It’s no surprise that United goalkeeper Andre Onana is at the top of United’s wish list. Last season he was occasionally spotted in midfield in both Serie A and the Champions League, passing forward with the confidence of a gym teacher playing with elementary school children. Onana loves the ball at his feet. His confidence is not a problem for the Cameroon international.

But so could the price. Inter smell United’s desperation from Milan. This isn’t the first time he’s left the dilapidated Theater of Dreams in search of a starring role at the last minute.

De Gea’s passing limits have been a concern for the club for at least two years. He’s a little too basic in things like the subtle world of tactics. None of this is new information. Still, a sense of déjà vu lingers as the race against time erupts again to sign decent replacements in exchange for obscene gold. Watch Intel haggle for Onana. Watch as United brush off the odds with a desperate deal to put an elite name on the plane ahead of their preseason tour.

And that already makes the assumption that Onana will make a smooth entry into a club that isn’t famous for having goalkeepers fast-fixing. In recent decades, Schmeichel and van der Sar were the only two people who could be trusted. And eventually, the supreme De Gea replaced the skinny De Gea. When the Spaniard first arrived, he looked as if he had borrowed a jersey from his brother and spent most of his game time begging for a hot meal. He was thin, malnourished, and unstable.

As the great Brian Glanville once wrote, goalkeepers are different. They are not greedy Norwegians who want a treat at every opportunity. With their position and position comes a certain degree of vulnerability.

It’s unclear what United will get. What they lost is more certain. De Gea won the Premier League, FA Cup, Europa League and two Carabao Cups, but his influence extends beyond silver. For a while, he was greater than United’s divisions combined. Type “David de Gea saves” on YouTube. There are too many clips to mention, but Juan Mata, his efforts against Mario Balotelli, and his outrageous stop against Brian Lewis should be memorable. His decline may now seem inevitable, but his brilliance was once unparalleled.

And United are left with a significant hole that needs to be filled in weeks, if not days, to give Ten Hag a vague sense of stability heading into the new season. It’s not the first time the Red Devils have failed to act decisively in the transfer market, leaving the manager with new problems to solve.

De Gea’s departure was necessary. His reaction time was clearly working against him. But his former employer’s move is still slower than he’s ever been.

De Gea’s departure was necessary. His reaction time was clearly working against him. But his former employer’s move is still slower than he’s ever been.

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