E-junkie: ‘She asked me if I could wait 10 years,’ says child star Glenn Yung who is obsessed with him on I’m Not Stupid 3

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Local actor Glenn Yeung has proven himself one of the most handsome celebrities in the world when he ranked number 62 on TC Candler’s ‘100 Most Handsome Faces’ for 2022.

The 26-year-old has certainly lived up to the title, playing a young child actor fangirl on the set of the new movie I Not Stupid 3.

Recently, director Jack Neo revealed in an interview with AsiaOne that the cast members have a crush on Glenn, who plays the kind-hearted teacher Lee in the film.

The 63-year-old director turned to Glenn and said, “There are girls who really like him. How much? You tell them. Share, share, share.”

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Glenn answered with obvious embarrassment. “I am very shy.”

Jack went on to say, “When the child actor saw Glenn, he said, ‘Wow, how can someone be so good-looking?'”

He added that everyone made fun of the young actress and asked if she had a crush on Glenn, and she admitted that she did.

“She asked if I could wait 10 years until I was an adult,” Glenn said with a slightly shy smile.

Jack kept laughing, “10 years is fine. You’re in your 30s, she’s 20.”

‘Mr. Lee! Mr. Lee! ‘

Discussing his experience with the younger cast members during filming, Glenn said he found himself “not very good at managing students” after the first week of filming.


“Since we are close in age, I thought I would be able to talk more. But these kids have so many questions that they want to have their own time. But they always go.” He said. , “Mr. Lee! Mr. Lee!” As a result, I felt like I had very little “me time” on set.

“We’re going to be spending three months together shooting this movie, so I feel really open to letting them all into my world.”

He added that he received at least “200 questions” from the young cast each day.

Nonetheless, Glenn found it a new experience because these interactions helped him build a connection with them.

“They are really curious, so I think a way to connect with them is to be interested in their lives,” Glenn says. They’ll want to know more, and from there they’ll want to know more.” Confide in their lives to you…their questions are actually very clever ones. They really think deeply when asking questions. “

He also assured me that he is now very close with young actors and actresses.

“We are bonded. The kids and I have talked about anything. But after the show, I think I have to think about whether I want kids this early so it takes time.” he said. he said with a laugh.

“These kids are really talented.”

Jack also said he’s excited to be back working on the series because he likes being close to his kids.

“I think these kids are really fun. I’ve always loved kids, so I have four. Now that they’re all grown up, there’s no way to enjoy their cuteness anymore,” he said. said.


“So when I came back this time, I saw a lot of kids and I thought they were so cute. When I see kids, I just want to talk. And they give back all sorts of answers, it will drive you crazy.”

Jack also talked about the dilemma he had when casting young actors and actresses during auditions.

“These guys are really talented,” he said, “especially when it comes to auditions.” [for their roles], I wanted to cast four children for the main characters. However, in the end, we accepted over 30 children, and I realized that there were some really talented children among them.

“They have the potential to lead, but the number of lead roles is limited, so we have no choice but to cast them in supporting roles.

“You have to treat students like adults.”

In preparation for his transformation into Mr. Lee, Glenn used memories from his school days to reflect on how he interacted with his teachers and vice versa.

“My school life is still vivid in my mind. I remember that the young teachers were the ones I had the most affection for. It’s because they actually tried harder to connect with us.” “

Glenn also contacted elementary and middle school teachers to introduce them to current young teachers and learn about school culture.

He eventually met some and made some interesting discoveries.

“Teachers’ experiences actually correlate with our script. It’s exactly the same, and what we’re showing now is the same thing young teachers faced in school,” he said. added.

Glenn also learned from them that young people today are more savvy due to their increased exposure to social media, and that teachers need to be more sensitive to the way their students think.

“You have to treat your students as adults, and they have to accept what you say. If you treat children with respect, they will listen,” he said. to you. “

I Not Stupid 3 is currently in production and also stars Terrence Kao, Colin Chi, Patricia Mok, Ceci Lim, Jay Liu and Lynn Lupine. The movie will be released next year.

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