Discord Bans AI-Generated Child Sex Abuse Material And Teen Dating

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In this illustration taken on March 29, 2021, headphones can be seen in front of the Discord app logo shown.

Dyce Ruvic | Reuters

SAN FRANCISCO — Discord’s head of trust and safety said Tuesday that the popular chat platform is changing and clarifying its child safety policies, including those around teen dating and AI child sexual abuse. The announcement follows an NBC News investigation last month. Ensure the safety of children on the platform.

Discord’s vice president of trust and safety, John Redgrave, said Discord is expanding its policies to address generative artificial intelligence. May create fake content And it bans child sexualization, specifically depictions of child sexual abuse by AI, and even child sexualization in text chat. The Washington Post reported in June that AI-generated sex images of children have exploded on the internet in recent months.

Discord serves as a community hub dedicated to creating generative AI images and has hosted several integrations that allow users to generate images. Sexually themed images are frequently created on these servers.

In a blog post announcing the changes, the company said its updated Child Sexual Abuse Material Policy will include “picture-realistic, photo-realistic child sexuality generated by AI. This includes any text or media content that is sexually directed at children, including sexually abusive material.” The purpose of this update is to prevent the normalization of child sexualization by the bad guys under any circumstances. “

Redgrave also said the company is making policy changes and clarifications to explicitly ban dating teens, an expert previously told NBC News that this could involve exploiting or exploiting children. He said it would be a great opportunity for adults trying to groom.

Discord wrote in a blog post: “In this context, we also believe that online dating can lead to self-danger. Under this policy, teen dating servers will It is prohibited on our platform and we will take action against users who engage in such behavior.” “

In a presentation at TrustCon, a conference for trust and safety professionals in San Francisco, Redgrave said the company sees these online relationships as a big risk for young people.

“We will no longer allow teen dating on our platform because we recognize that it is a significant harm vector for predators targeting teens,” he said. .

Discord’s guidelines already stated that the company would “remove spaces that encourage or facilitate dating among teens.” In June, an NBC News investigation found hundreds of Discord servers believed to promote child abuse content, as well as servers promoting teen or child-oriented dating servers soliciting nude images from minors. A few have been found. In addition, NBC News has identified 35 cases in the past six years in which adults allegedly involved in Discord communications have been charged with kidnapping, grooming, or sexual assault.

NBC News identified an additional 165 incidents. Among them are allegations of sending and receiving child sexual abuse material via Discord and using the platform to force children to send sexually explicit images of themselves, also known as sextortion. It includes four allegations of organized crime in which adults were indicted. .

Redgrave said the company has also updated its policy to prohibit older teens from grooming younger teens. In a blog post, the company said, “Older teens engaged in grooming younger teens will be investigated and dealt with under our Child Improper Sexual Practices and Grooming Policy. will be,” he said.

As part of its policy update, Discord has announced the release of more tools for parental controls. The new Family Center tool allows parents and children to opt-in to receive updates to parents about their child’s activity on the platform.

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