Chew Chor Meng Partners with Miss Tam Chiak to Open Coffee Shop in Hougang

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Remember the never-ending MediaCorp drama ‘118’?

Actor Chu Chow Meng, who appeared in the drama, opened a coffee shop.

As well as having Miss Tam Chiak as one of its partners, this coffee shop has a special atmosphere for those who have enjoyed ‘118’.

Chew Chor Meng opens coffee shop in Hougang

daily china news reporter lotus river zaobao Visited the coffee shop on the afternoon of July 7th.

It’s located at 212 Hougang Street 21, so don’t miss it.

Image: Google Maps

So-called Tam Chiak Kopitiam.

according to lotus river zaobaoMr Chu and his wife, food blogger Ou Qianhui (Miss Tam Chiak) and other partners attended the opening of Tam Chiak Kopitiam.

Image: Lianhe Zaobao

When asked why he wanted to open a coffee shop, Mr. Chu said, “I always thought coffee shops were places for emotional connections and places where many people would gather.”

Chew has opened many other eateries over the years.

When reporters asked him why he enjoyed his job, he replied: Especially since I don’t always succeed. Some of my businesses have failed before.

“But such failures are not a problem. I am dedicated to this business and I am grateful that Mookata’s business has been doing well over the last six years.


“Hopefully it will continue to do well.”

on Instagram reel uploaded by lotus river zaobaoMr. Chu said that he opened a coffee shop because it was his dream.

“It’s really a dream come true,” he said with a smile.

“118” touch

Chu starred in 118 from 2014 to 2017.

It lasted for over 470 episodes and two seasons.

Assuming you watch one episode each day, it would take you over a year to complete the entire series.

Fans of the drama will know how iconic the “Yao Yao Hua” plaque is.

After all, the plaque was hung above Yao Yao Hua, a coffee shop in 118 owned by none other than Chu’s character.

Now the plaque has found a new home, snugly above the beverage stall at Tam Chiak Kopitiam.


Image: Lianhe Zaobao

Chu said he took the shield home with him after the drama ended.

It was stored in his warehouse for six years until he named the TAM CHIAK Kopitiam drink stall.

When he shared a photo of the nameplate’s new home with the cast of “118,” they responded with approval.

Chu was also asked if he was participating in the drama’s new filming location.

When 118 wrapped filming many years ago, Chu said: lotus river zaobao The memories on set will remain in his heart forever.

He added, “After raising the shield, I suddenly realized that time had passed. It’s been years since the ‘118’ finale.”


However, this plaque is not just installed at TAM CHIAK Kopitiam for nostalgia.

TAM CHIAK Kopitiam is colorful and has several Instagrammable spots like drink stalls and plaques.

Chu said some of the stall owners are young entrepreneurs.

“I want to inject some youthful vigor into Tham Chaik Kopitiam. I hope more people will support the young hawkers,” he said.

Chew’s Other Businesses

Of course, TAM CHIAK Kopitiam is not Chew’s first venture.


He has opened many restaurants so far.

In 2018, he opened a porridge stall in Ang Mo Kio with actor Chongqing Zhou.

is named Zhou Zhongmingliterally translates to “famous rice porridge”.

In 2020, he opened a shop selling $16 lobsters Paofan.

if you can hear it too over it Another chu opened for you Paofan Lavender stalls sell this dish starting at $4.50.

But Chew’s most successful and well-known F&B business is probably 888 Mookata.

ever since 888 Mukta Since first opening in 2018, more outlets have popped up across Singapore.

The newly opened TAM CHIAK Kopitiam also has one store.


It was revealed in an Instagram reel co-posted by TAM CHIAK Kopitiam and Chew. 888 Mookata Re-opens at Block 212 in Hougang.

In addition, patrons can enjoy a 15% discount on meals from July 11th to July 18th, 2023.

Food you can buy at coffee shops

TAM CHIAK Kopitiam is like a gourmet’s paradise.

Malay and fishball noodle stalls have won Michelin awards, so you know the food is good.

One of the stall owners is Hong Junyang, an artist who sells innovative Korean dishes.

Korean stalls now occupy the stalls. 888 Mookata It was put there for 6 years.

Mookata stall is now located in the corner of TAM CHIAK Kopitiam.

Chu said lotus river zaobao“Leave the ‘Treasure Throne’ to Junyang!”

TAM CHIAK Kopitiam on Instagram calls it “Hogan’s trendiest coffee shop.” Please visit.

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