Audiences criticize ‘Dancing Queens on the Road’ as a sour concert experience

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Many people are asking for refunds due to multiple issues with the concert.

tvNof dancing queens on the road is currently under criticism from some audiences for its final concert.

The show followed the K-pop diva Kim Wan Soon, Uhm Jeong Hwa, Lee Hyori, boaand Mammooof Hwasa They toured South Korea, performing at various venues and interacting closely with their fans. The show ended with a grand final concert, and in addition to the regular cast, a lavish guest line-up was announced to grace the stage.

The final concert will be held on July 9th. dancing queens on the road It was held at Korea University Hwajeong Gymnasium in Seoul. The guest line-up is shinyof Taemin, red velvetof Seulgi, zicoand rain. However, after the concert, online communities and social media were inundated with posts calling for ticket refunds, citing various issues that clearly made the experience a disappointment.

Korea University Hwajeong Gymnasium | twitter

The main complaint is that the guest stars’ stage time is much longer than the show’s actual five dancing queens. Some concert-goers expressed their disappointment by saying:I went to see Hwasa, but there were only two main performances. Is it true that the guest appears longer than the main singer?” again “Does it make sense to have a setlist with guests singing more than the main singer? “

A second issue raised by some audience members was latency. The concert was scheduled for 7pm KST, but reportedly started quite late due to reshoots and technical issues. It seems that the audience did not know the process of filming the concert. So the time it takes to change sets also detracted from the quality of the experience.

Due to the delay, some concert-goers had to pay more in taxi fares than tickets by the time the concerts ended.

Concerns were also raised about safety management issues at concert venues. There were also reports that a spectator on the second floor collapsed with bruises and had to be taken to an emergency room. K-pop singers from a wide range of generations participated in the concert’s main line-up, and many visitors brought their elderly family members who were suffering from poor air conditioning at the venue. There have also been complaints about poor vehicle control in the parking lot, and there have been reports of brawls between concert organizers and spectators.

Some of the online community posts complaining about the concert experience | Daum

The concert was scheduled to be 150 minutes long and ticket prices were 55,000 won (about $42.40) for all seats. Viewers’ dissatisfaction grew, and tvN intervened to review the situation. After that, the production team explained the reason for the inconvenience during the concert and apologized through the post.

Heavy rain caused a power outage during the final rehearsal. As a result, an unexpected error occurred during the performance and the concert was delayed from the scheduled time. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to customers and artists due to the lack of equipment such as air conditioning and the time it took to prepare for the stage. We appreciate your understanding.

– Apology from tvN production team

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