4 mind-blowing developments that will set us on edge in Hidden Lies in the Garden episodes 5-6

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It’s hard to believe we’re only a week away from the final episode of Lies Hidden In My Garden. This show is speeding towards the end. explosive If this week’s revelation is anything to go by. This is one of those rare shows that might have been better off longer because there’s so much to uncover here. With the finale just around the corner, here are the most shocking developments of the week!

Warning: Spoilers for Episodes 5-6 below.

1. Park Jae Ho was not involved with Lee Su Min

It turns out that Park Jae-ho (Kim Sung-oh) isn’t really a flirtatious scum, but a different kind of scum. Moon Ju-ran (Kim Tae-hee) and Joo Sang-eun (Lim Ji-young) go to see Lee Soo-min’s (Yoon Gai) pimp. Her pimp has no idea where she is, but provides enough information to prove Jae-ho’s innocence. His co-workers and bosses didn’t see underage prostitution as a problem, so Jae-ho was forced to accompany them on their trips, but they soon left without getting engaged. Sumin’s prostitutes were annoyed all the time that she couldn’t get the blackmail material, so she tried to stage a scene.

They rushed Su-min in front of Jae-ho’s car, took Jae-ho outside, and pretended to have recruited Su-min. Jae-ho runs away, but then takes a guilty photo of Su-min’s prostitute harassing Ju-ran. However, Jeho takes an unexpected action. He whispers something in Sumin’s ear. Something that upsets her. He then drives off without a care. Perhaps if Jaeho had just walked away without saying a word, things would have been much more difficult.But he didn’t, and in that moment what he unleashed on Sumin changed All.

2. It seems that Sang Woon killed Yoon Bum

The pimp says that Su-min refused to tell Jae-ho what he was told, leaving Sang-eun stuck. To her worse, Juran rages at her as if her husband is innocent. She tries to accuse Sang-eun of dragging herself into a cancer chase and pestering her for money, but Sang-eun refuses to take responsibility for her.she points out juran came here she. She could have gone to her husband with her suspicions, but she looked for her stranger instead. She tells Juran that if she trusts her husband this much, she should have gone to him from the beginning instead of coming to her. Ju Ran trembles when he sees it, and Sang Eun realizes that Ju Ran doesn’t really trust her, and she laughs. herself. It upsets her nerves and Juran slaps her.

The women leave on a somber note, but to make matters worse, Sang-eun now appears to be pregnant. At first she was fake, but in the end she was real. Still she, she is not heartless to Juran. Because when Sang-eun collapsed, Ju-ran prudently paid for her hospitalization. But Sang-woon had a bigger problem. Her landlord is trying to evict her, and her husband Kim Yoon-beom’s (Choi Jae-rim) case is about to be closed as a suicide, not a murder, meaning she’s out of his numerous life insurance policies. means that you will not be able to receive payments for like she killed him. Sang-eun keeps flashing back to dosing her drugs and driving her car into the lake on the night Yoon-beom died. She put him back in the driver’s seat and pushed him and the car into the lake, where he was found. If Yoon Bum didn’t die beforehand and there’s nothing missing here, then Sang Woon really killed him. But what led her from the woman who was patiently gathering evidence to arrest him to the one who killed him? This week’s show won’t answer that, but it certainly has all the answers Juran wanted.

3. Soonjae confesses to smelling Jurang

Juran’s first thought when he got home was to come clean and apologize to Jae Ho. He is furious that she has been following him behind her back, and she explains that she left the night Yoon Bom died to visit her sick parents. In true gaslighting fashion, he pushed everything onto Juran, even saying that she was so unstable that he had to secretly visit her parents. This man is a walking red flag. Yet Ju-ran still tries to accommodate him and flips her leg, showing her son Park Soon-jae’s (Cha Sung-jae) obvious disgust. Like his father, Sun-jae accuses Ju-ran of not resisting what he said more strongly. he and Jeho. Juran hurries away, trying to make sense of the words.

However, Juran’s suspicions do not disappear so easily. Juran finds Sumin’s super cute his 3D flower from her cell phone case at home and realizes that Sumin came here. She frantically digs up her backyard and won’t let it go when Jeho tries to put a gas light on her. When Sun-jae arrives at the scene, she exclaims that she smells the same as Ju-rang. Jae-ho finally falls apart and her ugly truth is revealed.

That day in the parking lot, Jae-ho stared at Su-min like mud and said someone like her should never have been born. Fifteen-year-old Sumin couldn’t get it out of her mind. It upset her so much that she wanted revenge. So she targeted Sun-jae, pretending to be her classmate and inviting him to her house. Not knowing anything, Soon-jae let her into her house. She then lied that Seung-min had become ugly and that sleeping with her father had made her pregnant and that she was going to become her stepmother. It’s worth noting that Sunjae easily believed her. He tried to get her to leave, but she refused and without a second thought pushed her down her stairs. He thinks he killed her girlfriend. Jae-ho comes home and stuffs Su-min’s body into Sun-jae’s closet. The boy literally sleeps with a dead woman in his room all night. The next day, Jeho buried her in her backyard. It is her body that Juran found before Jeho moved her body to the ravine, where the police found it.

4. Sumin’s true culprit is revealed

Ju-ran is shocked when Jae-ho shouts, “For his family, for Sun-jae.” Knowing this secret, Juran wants his son to be taken to the police to make a confession. Ruin Sunjae. But Jeho refuses. But he doesn’t have a choice because Soon-jae sneaks out that night. When her neighbor and ally of her Ju-ran, Oh Hae-soo (Jung Eun-sung), informs her, Ju-ran runs up to him saying she will protect him. However, Sun-jae reveals that Jae-ho didn’t tell him the whole truth.

It turns out that Sumin did not fall down the stairs and die. The next morning, just before going to school, Soon-jae finds out that Seung-min is alive. She reassured Sun-jae, but she had to hide her existence from Ju-ran, so she promised that if her Ju-ran was gone, she would come back in a few hours and let her out. . And he almost did. He literally skipped school to be able to do it. However, when he returns, he sees his father murdering Sumin. Jae-ho literally digs the grave first and strangles Sumin. Sun-jae watched in shock as her father buried her in her backyard. When she hears the news, Juran’s face hardens until her eyes of steel harden, and she finally sees her husband for what he really is. A pilot with no qualms until her husband gets what she wants. The next thing we see is that the preview shows her calling Sang Woong and asking him to do the same thing to Jae Ho that she did to Yoon Bum, which means she will kill him.

Wow, that’s a lot! This was a really fascinating character study of Jae Ho through POV of all the characters. I would have liked to have seen more of Juran’s early years in marriage, before she moved into her current home. Was he always like this, and will we see Juran finally undo years of conditioning and gaslighting throughout her marriage? Or did this start after the death of Juran’s sister? And what does that death have to do with this incident? We’re headed into some really dark territory in this show, where two women work together to murder Jeho and cover up each other’s crimes. “Lies in My Garden” so far lives up to its title! How many more secrets will be revealed in the final episode?

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