29 Cheapest 3 Bedrooms Under $1 Million In 2022/23 (Some Surprisingly Freehold)

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3 bedrooms are cheapest under 1 million
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2023 will be a big challenge for the average HDB upgrader looking to secure affordable housing. With many family-sized units skyrocketing toward his $2 million level in the new-build market and resale condo prices skyrocketing, finding affordable properties remains challenging. .

But with a bountiful plot of land for sale, there is hope.

But even if you can’t afford to wait too long, it’s more than just doom and gloom for prospective homeowners. For those of you looking for Pronto homes, here are some of the three-bedroom resale properties that have sold for astonishing prices under $1 million over the past year. However, be aware that most of these will be compact 3-bed units, so you’ll need to adjust your wishes in terms of size and privacy.

3 bedroom units under $1 million

condominium tenure Up planning area Minimum $ up to $ Vol.
Changi Rise Condominium 99 years from November 29, 2000 2004 Tampines $930,000 $998,000 2
Crystal Lodge free hold 2001 Geylang $980,000 $980,000 1
Euphony Gardens 99 years from February 25, 1998 2001 take a bath $980,000 $980,000 1
evergreen park October 1, 1995 to 1999 1999 Hougang $908,000 $943,000 Four
flora view free hold 2017 The Mo Kio $888,000 $888,000 1
hogan green December 1, 1994 to 1999 1998 Hougang $830,000 $900,000 6
hard grandeur 99th anniversary from October 8, 2010 2011 Hougang $930,000 $930,000 1
M66 free hold 2014 Kallang $ 1,000,000 $ 1,000,000 1
Melville Park January 9, 1992 to 99 1996 Tampines $856,000 $990,000 7
my house 99 years from August 25, 2008 year 2012 Choa Chu Kang $910,000 $910,000 1
Orchid Park Condominium January 9, 1991 to 99 1994 Yishun $960,000 $960,000 1
palm gardens Dec. 8, 1996 to 99 the year of 2000 Choa Chu Kang $ 1,000,000 $ 1,000,000 1
Park Rosewood 99th anniversary from July 9, 2011 2014 forest area $920,000 $929,000 2
Parkview Apartments January 5, 1994 to 99 1998 Bukit Batok $875,000 $980,000 7
Regent Glove May 17, 1997 to 99 the year of 2000 Choa Chu Kang $ 1,000,000 $ 1,000,000 1
Regent Heights July 11, 1995 to 99 1999 Bukit Batok $974,000 $980,000 2
Regentville April 24, 1996 to 99 1999 Hougang $985,000 $985,000 1
rivervale crest June 12, 1997 to 99 2002 ties $990,000 $990,000 1
rosewood 99 years from June 20, 2000 2003 forest area $950,000 $ 1,000,000 3
Rosewood Suites 99 years from February 25, 2008 2011 forest area $980,000 $980,000 1
Spottiswood Park October 4, 1973 to 99 red hill $870,000 $990,000 7
sun plaza 1996/06/26 to 99 the year of 2000 Sembawang $950,000 $950,000 1
sunflower regency free hold 2008 Geylang $980,000 $980,000 1
Symphony Suites 99th anniversary from October 6, 2014 2018 Yishun $888,888 $972,000 8
Madeira 99 years from August 14, 2000 2003 Bukit Batok $970,000 $970,000 1
voyage 99th anniversary from August 29, 2011 2015 Sembawang $988,888 $ 1,000,000 2
wood glove 1996/06/26 to 99 1998 forest area $828,000 $828,000 1
West Cove Condominium March 1, 1995 to 99 1998 Clementi $ 1,000,000 $ 1,000,000 1
Wingfong Mansion/Wingfong Court free hold 1997 Geylang $970,000 $970,000 1

Notable developments in the list:

1. Sunplaza

position: 30 Sembawang Drive (District 37)

Developer: Canberra Development Pte. Ltd.

lease: 99 years

completion: 1996

Number of units: 76

Some may be surprised to find housing in Sunplaza. Most people living outside Sembawang probably only know this as a shopping mall. However, there are 76 substantial residential units here. At record low prices of around 800psf (as of April 2023), a 1,776-square-foot unit here could go for just $1.42 million.

Sun Plaza Plan 9

Besides the planters, there is space for separate living and dining areas. Also in terms of usability, having a garden and utilities is very convenient for the family. The master bedroom is large enough to be used as a study, so it is a very nice point for those who work from home.

The facilities are very simple compared to normal condominiums. There is just a pool, a playground and a small BBQ area. But that’s not the main attraction. Residents here are across the road from his MRT Sembawang Station (NSL). And Sunplaza might be the most affordable way to live above the mall today.

Shopping malls at Sunplaza include NTUC FairPrice, Kofu Food Court, Kaiseki Nabe (open from 10:30 am to 6:00 the next morning, but much lighter on your wallet), and Guardian Pharmacy.

Drive past the Sembawang MRT station and in just a few minutes you will reach the HDB enclave. It has the usual facilities such as coffee shops and small neighborhood shops. But Sunplaza is pretty small, so you probably wouldn’t think so. of A hub for local residents to move.

The downside is that there is a constant stream of shoppers along the road and you live downtown with both bus interchanges and the MRT nearby. Sembawang is known to be a peaceful and quiet city, but its charm is lost in such a busy center.

Simply put, if you’re not willing to sacrifice privacy and luxury amenities to live upstairs in a mall, this might not be for you.But if you Love Whether it’s the idea of ​​stopping downstairs to go to NTUC or eating hot pot at 4 in the morning, this place has a strong appeal.

2. Hard Grundall

position: Tampines Road (19th Arrondissement)

Developer: Fragrance Properties Pte.

lease: 99 years

completion: 2011

Number of units: 74

Kovan Grandeur is a boutique condo with only 74 units. Located on Tampines Road, it is about a 9-minute walk to Kovan MRT Station. Here you’ll find the Coban Heartland Mall, with its usual favorite restaurants and cold storage. There’s also a Fairprice Finest a short distance away and a market and food center just outside.

Foodies have plenty to choose from, with plenty of late-night menus like din tere and pongol nasi lemak. His ground floor in Stars of Covan across the road has a commercial complex with several eateries and ice cream parlors.

The biggest reason for the low quanta here is the small units here. This ranges from his 366 square feet in the smallest unit to his 1,389 square feet in the largest unit.

Coban Grandeur Floor Plan 12

The 3 bedroom in question here is very compact at 743 square feet. There’s still space for a home shelter and a small garden, but it affects the overall living and dining space.

3. Voyage

position: 93 Jalan Senduk (27th District)

Developer: Hao Yuan Investment Pte.

lease: 99 years

completion: 2015

Number of units: 435

This condo is interesting as it has become more popular in recent years in the Canberra area. ECs like Park Canberra and Provence Residences have sprung up in the area. And there is an obvious attempt by our city planners to mitigate Sembawang’s Uru status.

The Canberra MRT (NSL) opened in 2019, just one year before the COVID-19 situation. Bukit Canberra will be mostly operational from 2022. Keep in mind that despite being called a sports hub, this is also a hawker center, a local general hospital, a nursery school and many other facilities.

Built in 2015, Nautical is way ahead of this. Back then buyers had given up (or really enjoyed) living in one of Singapore’s most remote and immature towns.

But now The Nautical is less than 10 minutes walk from the Canberra MRT and just across the street from the Sembawang Shopping Centre. Sunplaza (see above) can also be considered a short walk on bus 856 which is just outside this condo.

Simply put, Nautical owners have been fortunate enough to see major improvements happening around their condos at a relatively rapid pace.

One possible drawback, however, is the presence of newer ECs like Provence Residences and Parc Canberra. ECs are priced lower than regular condos, so they can also be used as a lower resale price alternative to Nautical.

Nautical Floor Plans 24

The layout is very simple with minimal balcony space. If you’re a frequent cook, the kitchen is definitely considered compact in size, and so is the dining room. Still, for the location and current price, I can’t complain too much.

4. Rivervale Crest

position: 5 Rivervale Crescent (District 19)

Developer: NTUC Choice Homes

lease: 99 years

completion: 2002

Number of units: 490

This place is interesting. Because although Sengkan is considered Uru, this particular area was never Uru. Rivervale Crest is conveniently located if you don’t mind the presence of the road and surrounding high-rise apartment buildings.

This condo is across from the Rivervale Mall (not to be confused with the nearby HDB operated mall, Rivervale Plaza). The mall also has his NTUC FairPrice, as well as Watsons and a food court (Food Junction).

Alternatively, go in the opposite direction and cross over to Block 128 Rivervale. This is an HDB enclave with coffee shops, convenience stores and other small shops.

Additionally, there are six schools within a kilometer of Rivervale Crest, with the closest Rivervale Elementary School being about a 5-minute walk. A few minutes further he has CHIJ St. Jospe School and North Spring, Sengkang Primary School, Sengkang Middle School and Compassvale Primary School are all within walking distance.

For those traveling by train, the Lumbia LRT is across the road from this condo and the Sengkang MRT (NEL) is 2 stops away. It’s about a 15-minute walk to Sengkang MRT station, where you’ll also find Compass One (regular eateries, public library and cold storage).

Rivervale Crest Floor Plan

At 1,206 square feet, it’s a very good size for a 3 bed unit. With the exception of a small planter, it is mostly indoor living space, with an enclosed kitchen, utilities and garden.

5. Hougang Green

position: 5 Rivervale Crescent (District 19)

Developer: NTUC Choice Homes

lease: 99 years

completion: 1998

Number of units: 90

When someone mentions Hogan Green, everyone thinks of a small shopping mall with an Arnold’s Fried Chicken outlet (yes, the same one as City Plaza). Few people notice the small 90-unit project right next door.

This project is in a much more convenient location than many people realize. There is a bus stop at Block 579 opposite Hougang Green Mall. From here, take bus number 109, which will take you to his NEX Megamall in Serangoon in minutes. Being in NEX also means access to the Serangoon MRT (NEL, CCL).

But for most of your day-to-day needs, you don’t even need access to NEX. There’s a Giant on his first floor in the mall next door, as well as a food center (oddly, Common Grill is more famous for its western food than its local counterpart). There are two kindergartens and one Kumon school here, and a large number of local residents attend.

You can walk to the MRT Bueng Kok station, but it’s a bit far to walk every day, so most people will choose the bus. Sengkang Grand Residence is located here and the upcoming Sengkang Grand Mall (his three storeys with a supermarket, community club, child center and hawker center) will provide even more amenities to the area.

Hougang Green has gotten less attention due to its decidedly modest architecture, but its combination of size, price and location could make sense for many families.

Gokou Green Floor Plan 2

For those who want to increase the living space in the room, it is a property that I would like you to consider. There is room for a garden and small utilities, all bedrooms have angular walls, but the living and dining are fairly decent sized spaces.

If you want to learn more about the private property market in Singapore, or take a closer look at new properties and resale properties alike, follow Stacked. We will update the latest real estate information from time to time.

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