15 Facts About Coco Lee, The Iconic Hong Kong-American Singer Who Came To The International Stage

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Coco Lee Facts

As 90’s kid, I grew up listening to mandopop before I got into K-pop. There were a few singers I knew from that era. absolutely Loved by Jolin Tsai, SHE, Coco Lee and more. Considering how I came to recognize these female artists as OGs exuding the ultimate girl power, she was shocked to learn that Coco Lee took her own life.

After all, Coco legendary A Hong Kong-American singer who paved the way for Asian singers to enter the international stage. Read on for more facts about this iconic star and remember her accomplishments.

1. Born into a multicultural family

Coco and her sisters

Born Feren Lee in Hong Kong in 1975, Coco had two older sisters, Carol and Nancy. The latter was originally an actress and later became Coco’s manager who debuted as a singer.

Her mother is from Hong Kong and her father is from Malaysia and unfortunately died before she was born.

2. She was a California girl


After leaving Hong Kong at the age of 9, Koko and her family immigrated to the United States and completed her middle and high school education in California. She learned English as her third language there, explaining her proficiency in it.

After high school, Koko enrolled at the University of California, Irvine.

3. Debuted as a singer in 1993

From left: Coco Lee, Valen Hsu, Ah May

It’s often said that timing is everything, and for Coco it couldn’t be more precise.

In 1992, while visiting her sister who was participating in a beauty pageant in Hong Kong, Coco also participated in the 12th Newcomer Singing Awards, where she sang Whitney Houston’s “Run To You”. Not only did she finish the contest her first runner-up, but she impressed her agency Capital Artists and was offered her recording contract.

As a freshman in college at the time, she tried to juggle her studies with her singing career. Eventually, she gave up on her degree and dropped out of college, making her debut as a pop singer in 1993.

4. The album Di Da Di sold over a million copies.


Realize this – 10 years ago it wasn’t even now, it wasn’t easy Any A singer who has sold more than 1 million albums. I mean, you can only imagine how popular Coco was when it sold. is more than In 1989, her Chinese-language album Di Da Di sold one million copies within three months.

If you check out her music videos, you might notice that the title track is a bop. YouTube.

5. Voice Mulan in Disney’s Chinese version of Mulan


Coco’s growing popularity led her to voice Mulan in the 1998 Mandarin version of Disney’s Mulan. Besides lending her voice as Mulan, she also sang the OST for the animated film.

Her participation in “Mulan” increased her fame and allowed her to achieve worldwide success.

6. Crouching Tiger sang the Hidden Dragon OST


Coco’s breakthrough was undoubtedly when she sang “A Love Before Time,” the OST for the 2000 critically acclaimed film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Coupled with the fact that the film had a huge impact on Hollywood, Coco was back in the spotlight. Her reputation as an Asian in the Western entertainment world has been cemented by the media.major kill.

In 2016, Koko also participated in the OST of the movie sequel Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny.

7. He was the first Chinese-American to act at an Oscar.


Due to the success of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Koko was invited to perform A Love Before Time at the 2001 Oscar Awards. performance made her beginning Chinese Americans perform on the prestigious stage.

During her performance, she also introduced Chinese culture through her choice of red costumes. China dress He mesmerized the audience with his beautiful singing voice.

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8. She was China’s first Chanel ambassador


Coco had many firsts, another Her achievements include serving as the first China regional ambassador for the luxury brand Chanel. However, when the announcement was made, she faced backlash from Chanel’s Chinese fans, who thought Coco’s sexy image did not match the luxury brand’s elegant and exquisite concept.

Fun fact: Coco is an admirer of Coco Chanel, and her sister suggested that she use it as her stage name.

9. Dreamed of becoming a doctor


It was for Coco to perform on stage and tour the world as a successful artist. I never have Be expected. In fact, she had planned to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become her doctor by enrolling in college as a pre-med student.

After all, she dropped out of school to pursue a singing career that ultimately made her one of the greatest singers of the 2000s.

10. Married to a Canadian businessman

Coco was 17 years younger than Bruce

During the peak of Coco’s singing career in 2003, she began dating Boston-born, Hong Kong-based businessman Bruce Rockowitz. After dating for eight years, the couple tied the knot in a lavish two-day wedding in 2011.

Despite their initial happiness, Bruce was alleged to have had an affair and reportedly lived separately for over two years before Coco died.

11. You’ve had nine IVFs


There are many times in life when things don’t go your way. Coco dreamed of having two children with Bruce, but the couple had trouble conceiving.

Coco wanted to make her dream come true and sought help from professionals, but experienced none. Nine A round of in vitro fertilization. However, despite her efforts to conceive, her attempts were unsuccessful.

12. Had pet rabbits and dogs

sauce, sauce

Coco, a busy artist who traveled the world frequently due to her schedule, was obsessed with her fur babies, Turi and Machi. The former was her golden retriever and the latter was a fluffy bunny.

13. He had health problems from an early age.


Contrary to her happy image, Coco was actually plagued by problems with her left foot. length time. In February 2023, she revealed through a Weibo post that she was born with a disability in her left leg and that she underwent a failed surgery when she was two years old.

As this issue had not been properly addressed, Coco relied heavily on her right leg for support. During this time, she showed a brave attitude to hide the excruciating pain, especially after the stage performance.

Earlier this year, Koko decided to solve the problem by undergoing another operation. Luckily, the surgery went well, but Koko had to relearn how to walk.

14. Co-starring with JJ Lin


Throughout her years in showbiz, Koko has worked with countless artists and formed close friendships with many of them. One of them is JJ Lin, the pride of Singapore.

Coco dedicated some Instagram post To JJ Lin, he expressed his admiration for his unique voice. He also performed a duet with the popular OST “A Love Before Time”.

Off stage, the two close friends made headlines when they attended the 2014 US Open sitting side by side.

15. She was the winner of China’s “I Am a Singer” Season 4


In 2016, Coco took part in the fourth season of ‘I Am a Singer’ in China, competing with famous singers such as Jeff Chan and Hwang Chi-yeol. Against all odds, she emerged as the winner and later returned as a guest on the 5th and 6th installments of the survival show.

These Facts About Coco Lee Show She Will Always Be A Star In Our Hearts

Coco Lee’s death has certainly shocked Coco Lee’s fans and friends, but deep down in our hearts, we know she will pass away. everytime Be a star and inspire others. If you know someone who may be suffering from depression or who needs a listening ear, please contact them or call the hotline 1-767 and refer them to Samaritans of Singapore. please.

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